Instant Contact Lenses Ordering with Dr.Contact Lens by Optima Vision Center

18 May 2022

Ordering contact lenses from Optima Vision Center can't be easier. We partenered with Dr. Contact Lens to fill your orders as easy as 1-2-3. Once you placed an order, the contact lenses will be shipped to you right away. There is no need to answer many questions about your doctor appointments, eye exams etc. We will take care of verifying all this information for you.

If you had your eye exam at Optima Vision Center, we already have all your information. If you had your eye exam elsewhere, no problem, we will verify all information for you.

No need to wait! Contact lenses are necessary to have and we understand that having a good vision often means having contact lenses on hand right away.

We also calculate when your contact lenses are about to ran out and will notify you ahead of time, so you can order a re-fill just in time before the last pair of contact lenses. Convenience is part of excellent service we strive for.

We keep our prices competitively low and you can be assured, you will save the most money by shopping at Optima Vision Center. Along with Dr. Contact Lens we monitor the market and do the price matching ourselves. Some of our prices for certain products, are even lower than at other popular websites.

Shop local for the best price and convenience.